Mindfulness Builds Business

Mindfulness Builds Business

In consultation with you, we develop courses in mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness-meditation in a business environment builds profit, manages stress and enhances communication.

Mindfulness increases focus and awareness in all situations.

As written in his book Why Meditate?, Dr. Matthieu Ricard – esteemed molecular geneticist turned Buddhist monk – notes ‘Mindfulness consists of full awareness of everything that arises within and around us from moment to moment. Mindfulness is cultivated through the practice of meditation – a powerful form of mental training’.

As an aid to professional development, mindfulness practice results in:
• Reduction of occupational stress
• Better relationships with colleagues
• Greater capacity for dialogue within teams
• Enhanced creativity for generating ideas and business solutions
• Reduced absenteeism
• Increased productivity
• Happiness and improved teamwork in the workplace
• Reduced anxiety, depression and aggression

The practice of meditation and the resultant increase in mindfulness helps team leaders manage work pressures with calmness, control and focus. These positive role-models influence teams and other team-leaders to be more creative and effective in achieving their goals.