Develop Your Mind: Your Greatest Resource

Develop Your Mind: Your Greatest Resource

Our greatest resource is our mind. The mind is the filter for our happiness and success.

Ancient wisdom and modern scientific research show that we can develop our minds to be more resilient to business pressures. When we are agitated, confused or impatient, we impair our decision-making.

Work colleagues will not respond positively nor supportively to an angry or impatient conversation or directive. Negative and impulsive reactions sabotage productivity. Such reactive behaviour, as opposed to considered responses, will produce anything but optimum results.

There is a perception that our attitudes are formed by external events, and that they are responsible for the way we act. However, it is our mind that evaluates these events, be they negative or positive, and we react accordingly.

For example, a farmer can see the coming of rain as a benefit, whereas a person wishing to have a picnic can see approaching rain as a hindrance. The rain itself does not dictate the emotional response: the mind does. This knowledge empowers us to master the mind for our emotional wellbeing and business success.

Meditation develops mindfulness, which is the state of being aware of the present moment. In this state of mind-presence, we become pro-active and create abundance. Conversely, distraction is a major hindrance to prosperity.

Although beneficial, yoga, Tai Chi, relaxation, sport and other activities are focused on a mind–body connection. Meditation is the only practice that deals directly with the mind.

By working directly with the mind, we see our strengths and capitalise on them. We overcome our weaknesses. Meditation calms the mind. A calm mind is the best ground for decision-making.

A calm mind possesses patience, understanding, compassion and wisdom, which are the qualities we need for a successful, beneficial and happy life.

It is important to utilise our greatest resource; and the key is to develop our mind through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.