We define mindfulness as non-judgmental, concentrated observation of one’s perceptions, thoughts, and emotions in the present moment, with an attitude of equanimity, curiosity, openness and acceptance.

(Bishop, 2004; Brown & Ryan, 2003).

Through the practice of meditation the mind becomes present and open to each moment.

Mindfulness is the mind, trained through meditation and applied to each moment. It entails paying attention, expanding our awareness while refining the mind’s precision.

When we watch our mind moment by moment we have the opportunity to observe what we are doing, creating and communicating. This allows us to be more proactive in situations and less reactive.

Applying mindfulness enhances our capacity for:
• Working with greater focus and awareness
• Overcoming destructive emotions
• Sustaining harmonious relationships
• Managing stress responsibly
• Experiencing greater contentment at work

The benefits to an organisation can result in:
• Increased capacity for dialogue within teams
• Enhanced creativity in generating ideas and business solutions
• Greater retention of staff resulting from happiness and fulfillment

Mindfulness helps sharpen our focus and strengthen our resilience enhancing our ability to respond to a constantly changing environment.