Improve Concentration and Awareness

Improve Concentration and Awareness

Meditation boosts concentration and awareness, develops mental clarity, and improves our focus by fine-tuning our minds. The rewards are diverse.

Working Balance bases its training approach on principles of meditation and mindfulness. Our programs examine how we limit ourselves by habitually becoming distracted and unfocused.

By developing the practice of meditation and its resulting mindfulness, we improve our ability to stay focused under pressure. We learn how to deal with the many demands on our attention, how to improve our resilience and how to respond to change without burnout.

Meditation and The Victorian State Government


The Victorian State Government has stated in their information on meditation that: Scientific studies show that the regular practice of meditation can be a powerful healing tool. In fact, there is now clear evidence from studies of long-term meditators that meditation produces profound changes in the brain, and that recovery from some physical and emotional illnesses is assisted by the practice of meditation.

Regular meditation can be used to help assist in the treatment a range of disorders
• Anxiety
• Chronic pain
• Depression
• Headaches
• High blood pressure
• Insomnia
• Migraines
• Stress
• Recovery from accident or illness
• A sense of purposelessness.

The direct benefits of meditation can include:
• Improved physical, emotional and mental health
• Focused and clear thinking
• Enhancing a sense of self and personal presence
• Increased emotional balance
• Greater relaxation and ease
• More equanimity in the face of challenges
• Reduction in anxiety and panic
• Reduction in chronic pain and illness
• Reduction in headaches and fatigue
• Lowered blood pressure
• Fewer sleep disturbances