Boost Team Communication and Productivity

Boost Team Communication and Productivity

Meditation is an effective practice that increases our resilience and balances our emotions. The result is crystal-clear communication and harmonious workplace relationships that generate potent solutions for your business.

In communication with our colleagues, being present and listening respectfully with full attention encourages dialogue and meaningful responses. The degree to which we listen will denote the degree to which we are heard. Training in mindfulness allows this to happen.

Fully effective communication requires attention to all three of the following:
• the communicator
• the process of communication and
• the recipient

Most of us are rarely in the moment. Our time is spent reliving the past and anticipating the future. By allowing this inattention to influence our communication, our business and personal relationships suffer. Mindfulness turns our attention to the words that are spoken, the meaning of the words and the tone of voice used. We are also more aware of the speaker’s facial expressions.

By applying mindfulness, we clearly understand the message, improve efficiency, productivity and, consequently, we gain more confidence and self-respect.

Working Balance programs focus on workplace communication through training in meditation-mindfulness.